1. What it was supposed to look like…

    The disastrous thing it turned out to be…

    First screen print! It can only get better from here  

  2. Selections from a collage book I made for Intro to GD 

  3. So I’m making a Halloween themed zine! It’s called HALLOWZEEN.. so spoop! This is what was on the posters I hung around my school. 

  4. Old label on the left… ew

    Updated label on the right… much better 

    You’re welcome Kellogg, MN 

  5. Some of my favorite labels that I’ve made :) 

  7. Still need to color this… JESUS TAKE THE WHEELL!!


  9. strokesofmadness said: You're really good! The Lana's are amazing!

    Thank you!! <3 <3